Monday, August 27, 2012


Action- not such an easy word.

Do I believe, it will all be okay. Yes

Do I believe that even if its not okay, we will be fine. Yes

Do I think its fair to be stuck with the decision on whether or not to evacuate a 10 day old home. No. 

But, do I believe, it will all be okay. Yes

Prayers to all those in red, orange and yellow. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

move in day

Today is finally here! We are moving into the new abode. Pictures to come shortly. Wish me luck as I sign our lives away :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

showered with love

This past weekend I was so blessed to have back to back wedding showers. SO many people to make a girl feel beyond loved.

So many people traveled in, including my oldest sister and friends that even in the midst of starting a new job and packing up their house, put their whole weekend on hold. 

There are moments when you feel lucky and then there are moments when the words lucky, grateful and blessed dont even come close to describing it. 

The first shower hosted by Dan's aunt and 2 cousins was at Five Bistro on the Hill. Absolutely fabulous!

delicious menu 

beautiful flowers

with my mom and future mother in law 

 love this lady

Somehow this is the only picture I have from the second shower. Here with my mom and the wonderful host. The second shower was just as beautiful and once I find other pictures, I'll be sure to put them up!

Next stop: the bachelorette party :)