Thursday, March 28, 2013

project nursery

We are finally making some headway in the nursery! Not much headway but headway none the less. All of the "big" furniture is in and the bead board is half finished. All that is left to do is gather the wall art (and by gather I really mean shop, find, buy and hang) paint (and by paint I really mean shop, find and hire a painter-mamma is losing steam) and put together all of the finishing touches! 

Nurseries aren't nurseries until you have pictures of the soon to be dad (and in this case dog) putting together the crib :) 

The chair came in last week and we finally found a dresser. We are working with VERY limited space so finding one that was the perfect size proved to be difficult... but alas we found her!

The bedding also came in and I love it! Here are pictures from the website because I haven't ironed it and this just looks much prettier than mine at the present moment.