Friday, October 25, 2013

Five on Friday

Warning: this one contains a lot of food :) 

:one: Twice baked sweet potatoes. Um delicious. I found a recipe on Pinterest and when I took everything out to make them, I realized that I was not a fan of all of the ingredients so I took out some things and added others and they were fantastic!! I'll try and think about what I did and share with everyone. 

:two: Moving onto food item number 2 - Salted Caramel Chocolate Pecan Pie. Soo good. This is Southern Living's cover recipe and it is worth every monumental calorie. I am not a pecan pie person and this blew me away. I made all of the caramel that it called for and didn't even put half of it on there and I still think it was a little heavy on the caramel.  

:three: I very recently did the pic monkey upgrade. Its like a dummy's version of Photoshop and its only $33 a year. I haven't gone through any of the tutorials yet but simply played around and actually made Harrison look a little yellow with the sun glow feature (oops). Here is a little before and after from the little dinking around I did. Got rid of an electrical tower and some people and made my son look jaundice. 

:four: Fall weather is finally here! I broke down this year (with the help of my mom. thanks, mom) and finally invested in a good pair of boots. It seemed I was always having to buy a new pair every year so hopefully now, these will last me a while. FYI- Nordstrom carries the wide calf NOT Saks... as I was told by the jerk salesman that Saks only carries sizes that the GENERAL public can wear. ummm, thanks for saying I have big legs- I hope you work on commission. 

:five: Ben Rector's new CD. In love. Second best thing to silence these days. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Harrison 4 Month Update

4 months already?? Where has the time gone, little one! You weren't willing to play much for your 4 month picture... you just weren't going to smile no matter what and Mac was determined to make an appearance. (nothing a little photoshop can't fix) Don't let this picture fool you though, you are a happy little dude. You are always smiling and Mommy has even gotten some giggles out of you which just melts our heart! You weigh 15.5 lbs and are in the 95th percentile for your height (I didn't catch the exact measurement) You wear 6 month and 9 month clothes- it really just depends on how long they are.  

This month you helped cheer on the Cardinals to the World Series...  They could hear you cheering all the way in St. Louis! 

You love your bumble bee toy and one of these days you are going to figure out how to get that whole thing in your mouth... you are just determined. 

You really are such a happy baby. The only time you get mad is if your mealtime gets disrupted or bed time gets pushed back. You are a man of routine (just like your daddy). You eat 6 oz of formula about every 3 hours with a couple of snacks right before nap time. We just started you on rice cereal and you are becoming more and more of a fan everyday. Mamma can't wait to start cooking for you. First thing on the menu: Sweet Potatoes :) 

Sleep: Your sleeping patterns make my heart sing. At 10 weeks old I really started working out a schedule for you and you picked it up right away. You wake up between 6:30 and 7:00am. (you have your 5:30am days but that's okay)  6:30 at the latest on the weekdays and are back down for your morning nap at 8:00. You get a little bit of a snack beforehand to just top off the tank a bit so you get in a good 2-3 hour nap. You usually wake up around 10:30 or 11:00 but some days you are extra ambitious and we have to wake you up at 11:30. You are up for "lunch" and some play time and around 2:00, you get another snack and go down usually until about 4:30 or 5:00. We start our nighttime routine around 6:00 or 6:30 and you are in bed by 7:00 and sleep through the night until 6:30. You make it very well known that you are not happy if we try and push bed time past 7:00. VERY well known.

It has been so fun to watch you learn. We teach you how to do things and it's amazing to watch you pick it up right away. I had a brain lapse and taught you how to hold my phone, now anytime I put it in front of you, you reach right for it (a case is in the very near future). You are practicing putting your paci in your mouth. Right now you are VERY good at grabbing it and taking it out of your mouth and slowly but surely figuring out how to put it back in. Its a fun game you like to play, you rip it out and get a huge smile on your face!  

Daddy has started a bad habit of letting you watch cartoons if I'm still sleeping in the morning and now I am afraid to say you are hooked. You squeal with excitement when VocabuLarry the Parrot comes up. You just chill in your recliner and take it all in. 

You sure do keep us on our toes. You started rolling over from your back to your stomach and now you try that trick just about anytime you can. In the bathtub, in your swing, off your recliner, into the pillows on Mommy and Daddy's bed. I think that "Wildman" cousin of yours told you something when y'all met for the first time. You are 100% ALL boy and I see a lot of chasing after you in our future. But for now, you are strapped into to anything that comes with straps. 

Life is so fun with you. We can't wake for you to wake up in the mornings and we miss you when you go to sleep. We are already so proud of you and everyday we fall more and more in love. Thank you so much for being our baby, Mr. Harrison. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

playing catch up: month 3

Month 3 was a bit of a makeshift since we were out of town at Mimi's. However, we did make sure to take his picture to document his growth. Looking back at the pictures now, I just realized he was wearing the same outfit for both... its amazing to see how much he fills it out in month 4! 

Month 3 you really found your voice. Maybe it is because you were so well rested.... you slept through the night for the first time at 9 1/2 weeks and we couldn't be more proud (and well rested ourselves)! Your favorite time to just chatter away at that time was in the car. You wanted us to know what was happening in the backseat! You grew like a weed month 3! Everything was becoming short on you. All signs are pointing to the fact that you'll be tall like Daddy and Grandpa! You started showing your personality more and more and you are so hilarious. At this age you started squealing if you felt like the people in the room weren't paying attention to you. You are quite the performer. I tell you every night, but thank you so much for being our baby. We couldn't dream of a better life.    

Monday, October 21, 2013

playing catch up: Month 2

Here are some pictures from our month 2 photo shoot. Amazing to see how much he has changed in just a few months! 

I caught a smile in the act 

 thinking about it

 getting closer 

There it is! 

 Now hes just really tickled!

sweet boy 

This makes me laugh so much.... must have seen that big white thing coming his way!

Watch out Mamma! 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Baby Favorites 0-4 months

It really is true... babies really don't need much of anything. Regardless, here are a few of our favorite/essential things. 


I weaned him around 11 weeks. My goal was to nurse him until he was around 4 months old but that just didn't work out for us. Looking back everything happens for a reason and after being sick for weeks which resulted in having my appendix out; I am grateful I weaned him when I did. So long story short, we are on a formula diet. Dr Brown's formula mixer. Holy lifesaver. We make our days worth in the morning and it saves so much time! 


This thing is actually laughing gas disguised as a sea horse that plays music. I turn it on and his eyes close immediately. Enough said. 


This brand of pajamas is simply amazing. They are similar to Kissy Kissy but in my opinion so much better. They stay soft after every wash and the cotton is so much thicker. When he was a newborn we had 3 or 4 pair that were layettes that than converted to a sleeper. You pay a bit more but they lasted a good 2 months which is a very long time as far as newborns go.  

These Burpy Bibs are great. We have a spitter and a drooler. Did I mention a drooler? A St Bernard drools less. These convert from a burp cloth to a bib and when its a bib if just about covers half of his body. It gives us about an hour of wear or so. 


About that drool. I keep this on his chin and in the crevice of his neck to keep his skin from getting chapped. 


We transitioned from the swing to his "recliner" He kicks his leg to get it to bounce. Stops kicking when he gets a good bounce going. Starts kicking again when the bounce stops. It is hilarious! Mimi is convinced he is going to be a little dare devil (I pray shes wrong) 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A personal struggle

I went off the grid for a while. Shut the ole blog down. I have struggled with whether or not to keep her going. There is a huge part of me that worries about the privacy of Harrison. There are a lot of creeps out there. And as a mom, especially a first time mom, you worry about everything. Consider this my "Lysol on all of his toys" moment.  By the same token, I feel like I blinked on the day he was born and in a split second my baby turned 4 months. No truer words were spoken when they said the days are long but the years are short. 

I want something to document these days because I have learned first hand how fast they go by and it scares me. Maybe in another life, I'll be a scrapbooker. (Eh, probably not ....but what's life if you don't dream a bit.) Since scrapbooking is out of the question, I feel here is the best ways to document our days.