Monday, December 30, 2013

Post Holiday

this about sums it up. Christmas with the little man was well beyond amazing. I have plenty of pictures to share but in the mean time, I am playing catch up. and detoxing. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas

may it be the merriest of all 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Five on Friday: Christmas Tree Edition

I have said before how much I love the story that a Christmas tree tells. It usually gives a snapshot of a family's travels, hobbies and children's art projects. Here are a few of my favorite ornaments that hang on our tree every year. 


Our first Christmas 2012


This is actually my first Christmas ornament from 1985... but the saying couldn't be more true 

 This would be the Baby's First Christmas ornament I would be showing if Lenox would get their act together (if your reading this, I am still waiting.) 


A memento from our honeymoon 


for the mutt. 


Not an ornament but still wonderful. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Special Moments

There's something so special about the first snowfall of the year. Magical almost. Now obviously Mandeville didn't get any snow this past week but St. Louis did and it just makes me so homesick. I pray mother nature works with us and gives us a bit of snow when we are back for Christmas... even if just a few flurries. 

While there was no snow here to relish in, the weekend was filled with special moments nonetheless. 

Friday morning we woke up to find that St Nick had made a stop at our house! 

Harrison may need to invest in bigger shoes :)

Friday night we raced to the Christmas tree lot to get our tree for the year. So....  growing up, decorating the tree is a big deal in our family. Its a family affair and there's always a party that goes a long with it. The original plan was to do our party Wednesday... well someone had a different idea. Harrison was not having any of it. So we switched it to Friday. Everything was going smoothly, Christmas carols were playing, ornaments were going on and thennnnnn the flu hits Harrison. Poor thing got sick halfway through. So the tree has a few less ornaments on there but still so pretty. I love the story a Christmas tree tells.   

poor thing just lost his lunch but crazy mom had to snap a quick picture in front of the tree. 

We spent the weekend pretty much under the radar after that. Showered just to get back into pajamas. We watched Christmas movies, made chili, took naps and watched football. I ran out Saturday evening to run a few errands and got Harrison a walker. I never understood how happy you can be when you see how happy your child is until the moment we slipped that little hiney into the seat. He literally squeals with excitement. 

10 and 2, bud.