Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday- House Tour

As we say goodbye to this house I thought it would be fun to do a house tour. There was still so much I wanted to do to this space of ours but I can't wait to execute those ideas in our new house. 

foyer/dining room:


Living Room: 

Hall Bath:




Back patio:

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Peter Rabbit Celebration

  We celebrated Harrison's 1st birthday over the weekend and it could not have gone any better. All of our family and some close friends came in from near and far and we are so grateful. Harrison had such a fun time and it was a blast watching him play with the other kids and dive into the cake. I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. 

some of the "details"

Our very own story above the sweets table 



 We opened presents soon after lunch to capitalize on the "still in a good mood even though I wouldn't nap". He had so much fun checking out all of his new goodies. (his cousin scoping it all out before hand) 

safety starts at a young age 

telling everyone thank you 

if anyone is looking for a good gift for a 1 year old... the truck cozy coupe is a HUGE hit. Everyone had to have their turn

Next up was cake- which he devoured. We had to take it away from him otherwise he would have polished off the entire thing. 

the hat he could have done without

all in all a perfect day. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

22 week bumpdate

I feel like I was just doing these (probably because I was just doing these) 

How far along? 22 weeks
Size of Baby B? spaghetti squash- 8 inches and 1 whole pound! 
Maternity Clothes? not yet.  
Stretch Marks? No. I haven't been as diligent this time with the stretch mark cream... I really need to step up my game.  
Gender? sweet baby girl.
Sleep? can I say amazing without jinxing myself? I had awful insomnia with Harrison but this time around I have been able to snooze away. 
Food Craving? oh boy. This pregnancy really has been one long Fiesta. Can't get enough Mexican. Luckily I have really slowed down on the chips and salsa.  
What I miss? nothing really.
Symptoms? nope. 
Movement? Yes- shes busy and I love every minute of it. It is an amazing feeling having one baby sitting on your lap and feeling the sweet kicks of the second. 
Belly Button? In
Wedding Ring on or off? On
It is so so true how different being pregnant is after you have already had a baby. At 22 weeks pregnant with Harrison, I felt like I was already 9 months pregnant, I felt huge (ha!), I probably waddled, had already washed and ironed some baby clothes, the nursery was set up and I'm sure I even had dusted that room multiple times by this point. This time.... I feel like I just found out, know what HUGE really feels like (and we are no where near that point), and feel accomplished when our clothes are ironed before the day they get worn. Both pregnancies are amazing in their own way but so wildly different. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Nursery Vision Board

The wheels have been turning on nursery #2! I can't wait to get going on her room. I am going to do another version of bead board with pink buffalo check walls above. Sticking with the iron crib and white furniture with a few pops of flamingos! 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday

Thoughts for Thursday

Linking up with these ladies today. I have followed both of these girls for quite some time and we each have little boys right around the same age. Its so fun to see pictures of them and of course refreshing to see that they are going through the same stages that we are in our house!

so... we sold our house. (pending appraisal- don't want to jinx it quite yet) it happened so quick which is probably best because truth be told, I'm so emotional about leaving here. We bought this house when we were just engaged, fought about hanging curtains were newlyweds here, brought our first baby home here and learned of our second. SO much life in such little time. My mom made a comment about how proud she was that I kept it all together (okay, so I can be dramatic) during the whole process... to which I responded- "careful, the moving truck hasn't backed out of the driveway". I know you take memories with you but we have loved this house and it has been so good to us but whats best for our family is to be closer to work and have less of a commute. We are excited to make memories somewhere else. That being said- the house we had an offer on had some foundation issues and we are waiting on an answer from the seller to see if they will fix them. If you have a spare second- send positive thoughts that our memories won't involve being homeless. 

 speaking of that second bundle. The shopping. Lord help my wallet. The bows, the outfits... all of it. I saw this bow yesterday and while she can't wear the big ones for quite some time (I am a big fan of the bow being proportioned to the size of their head).... I just feel like she needs them. 

and this crawfish boil outfit of course 

 Ever feel like the forces of nature are trying to tell you something? well they have been speaking to me- telling me I have bags. This eye cream has followed me everywhere. I can't escape it. I see it everywhere and hear about it all of the time. I get it. I look tired. all of the time. I'll buy it. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Birthday Party Prep

Birthday party planning is in full swing here. I know everyone says it, but how my baby is 1 is beyond me!!

 I love Peter Rabbit. I think its beyond precious and perfect for a baby. If you would have told me a year ago I would be searching on Craigslist for rabbits to rent buy, I would have called you a liar... but parenthood makes you do crazy things. (don't worry dear husband... I couldn't find any. bummer. That would be cute)  

I have been stocking up on party supplies for months and I can't wait to see it all come together! Pictures soon to come :) 

Monday, June 2, 2014

bows and belles

Harrison is so excited to announce that he has a baby sister! Mothers intuition always told me she was a she. We can not wait for October to get her to meet our sweet angel.