Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Harrison's 1 year Pictures

We had Harrison's 1 year pictures taken the weekend before his actual birthday. 6 weeks later as I look at these pictures... I am shocked at how much more he has grown even in this short time. He had just started to walk and now he runs. It truly blows my mind how fast they grow .... about that pause button all of us moms talk about.... 

disclaimer- this is tacky but all I have digitally is the copyrighted images. We ordered a ton of prints but I wanted to have a reminder of these sweet cheeks in digital form God forbid something were to happen to the printed.   

Thursday, July 24, 2014

This Old House

Welp we have officially moved and things have been insane. After a 45 day closing turned into a 60 day closing and 10 days of living in a hotel, we closed on the house 12 hours before our flight to Colorado. (A much needed vacation!) Nothing says welcome home like a house that needs to be gutted and an air mattress! But if this is our biggest issue... I would say life's looking pretty good. 

I only have a few pictures on my phone but renovations are in full swing here. First up is both kids rooms. With an impending due date and a strong desire to have life stay as normal as possible for Harrison... I've been non stop trying to get those completed. So for me that is "phase 1". Here is a quick snapshot of our life. 


Wish list for these 2 rooms: 
New windows 
New carpet
Closet system 
New doors 
New trim 

I've heard someone say before that their renovation is happening on real money not Pinterest money and that is now something I can relate to! It's going to be good mixture of "DIY" and "don't work someone out of a job". Can't wait to share the progress!