Tuesday, August 12, 2014

domino effect

In order to save some money while remodeling, instead of hiring a remodeling company to come in and just overhaul the place; I have been acting as a subcontractor of sorts. I broke down each thing on my wish list and went to Angie's List and personal references to gather 3 companies for each trade to bid out the job. I have learned that not only is this job very time consuming but takes a lot of patience. It took 2 bids from a remodeling company for us to quickly discover we just simply couldn't afford the one stop shop approach. So, the dollar sign is what keeps me motivated to live in this constant state of chaos and clutter.

When contracting out various steps in the process, you learn how quickly things get backed up. For instance, the wall coming down has to happen before steps 2, 3 and 4 can happen. The beam being used to support the structure of the house has to be custom made so we are just waiting for that to be finished. Unfortunately, it is looking to be about 2 weeks behind schedule but oh well what can you do. 

I have filled my time with finalizing the little details so that when the time comes, we are ready to go! 

My mom comes in town tomorrow to help with painting and such and the new windows are en route. Heres hoping that next week, I have some progress shots to show you! 

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  1. Hiring contractors and remodeling companies is stressful!! We have been burned many times in all our renovating I honestly don't think the perfect person/company exists! I think it's just the nature of the beast in this industry for things to run 2-3 weeks behind and cost 10-20% more than expected.