Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New House Tour -The Before.

Before we got any further in the renovations I wanted to make sure I put up pictures of the house as we saw it the day we signed the papers. I look at these pictures and I still think we are crazy for taking the plunge but whats life without a little adventure, right?

Hall Bath (lovingly referred to as the brown bath)  

To Do list for in here:

The Bathrooms are part of Phase 2. I so badly wanted to have it done before the second baby comes but I just don't think I can take on any more construction right now and this is a big project. 

Old Den/New Dining Room 
The way the house was set up before, this was the den right off the kitchen. The problem being, its too small to really fit any furniture in here and have it be a functional space. Also, the house isn't that big... we don't have a need for back to back sitting areas. 

To do list for in here:
Replace paneling with sheetrock 
Light Fixture 
New floors and trim 

I think to call it a foyer is a bit ambitious but here is the entry way, nonetheless. 

To do list:
New doors 

Unfortunately, the exterior needs just as much work. The good thing is, its workable and nothing that a little TLC and elbow grease can't fix. We moved into a clay pad with not even a blade of grass at the last place so I am confident we can do a little something to this space. 

To do list:
Paint Exterior 
Remove that gorgeous awning
Make the deck less of a death trap 

The exterior is Phase 3. Some things need to happen quickly, like the hazardous deck but other than that... we aren't living on the porch so a lot of that can wait. 

Harrison's Room 
 I have shown pictures of this room already and luckily as of right now, we are 1 room down in the peach/cream paint battle. 

 This is the only picture I took of this room by accident. Truth be told, we got very lucky with the kitchen. It had been updated shortly after Katrina making it the newest thing in the house. Knowing how expensive kitchen remodels are....this was one of the biggest selling features of the home. 

To do list:
Paint cabinets 

Living Room
So i wasn't kidding about the back to back sitting areas... that wall is what separates the living room and the den. It really chops up the whole living area of the house so we have decided to do away with that wall. Considering it is load bearing, it has been a bit harder than we had originally planned for but I know when it is finished, we are going to be so happy we went ahead and did it. 

The plan is for the main wall and overhang immediately to the right of it to be replaced with a beam in the attic making it flush with the ceiling. We are also removing the entry way overhang from the dining room into the area and that tiny little bit of wall there as well.

to do list:
Paint (trying out BM Revere Pewter there on the wall)
oh and maybe replace the gold light switch plates.

Master Bedroom 
I don't even know what to say. En Suites weren't exactly the thing to do in the 50s. The master is small and certainly different from what we came from but like everything else workable. 

To do:
Possible barn doors for the closet and bathroom door since 

The small brown bath. Another gut job.

Pretty much same to do list as Harrison's room. 

Old Dining Room 

This space is what used to be the dining room. With the wall down and the dining room now in the den.. it will just mesh in with the living area.  Since this picture was taken, the mirror has been removed. Thank the good Lord. 

We have our work cut out for us. And about 9 weeks to do it. I think doing this so close to baby is a blessing and a curse. A curse for obvious reasons but blessing because it forces us to really go elbows and a**holes while 1 baby is resting away on the inside. 

I am extremely anal a list person and we are working off of a timeline that puts us finished with Phase 1 (which is pretty much everything but bathrooms and exterior) right at full term status of baby #2. Wish us luck :) 

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