Friday, December 5, 2014

Five on Friday


I am having the hardest time finding matching pjs for the kids that I like. Having one in itty bitty sizes and one in toddler sizes makes it hard. The itty bitty is the challenging part. This Bailey Boys set is currently the front runner. 


This past weekend we went and picked out our Christmas tree. Harrison loved running around the lot and touching all of the trees. In the end we settled on this one. I will be shopping the after Christmas sales this year to buy some non breakable ornaments. Only the top half of our tree is decorated. 

house reno sneak peek

We finished the house RIGHT before Leighton was born. Here is a sneak peek of the finished product. Since this picture was taken, things have been hung on the walls but that is about it. We desperately needs more furniture and it needs to be decorated but truth be told, thats not happening any time soon. Baby steps. 

... and just a reminder of what it looked like before....

is anyone else listening to this? I'm hooked. So excited there is going to be a season 2.

tummy time woes. This girl sleeps right through tummy time. Im not sure she will ever roll over at this point. I mean, surely she won't go to kindergarten with out being able to hold her head up... right? 

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