Friday, January 9, 2015

Five on Friday

1.) Back when we bought our couch, God saw through a crystal ball that 2 years later an entire glass of red wine would get spilled on it, so we bought the protection plan that they offered. The protection plan covers for your furniture to be cleaned or replaced depending on the stain. Really all of this to say that we may be in the market for new living room furniture. I am going for functional/comfortable over pretty this time and think a slipcovered sofa seems like the most logical. It is truly amazing what children can do to furniture!

2.) We are obsessed. I used to hate sparkling water but I guess when your only option is water, it's nice to have something break up the monotony. 

3.) Now that the holidays are over and the initial shock of a rehabs price tag is over, we are slowly but surely trying to decorate this little space of ours. First order of business- a runner for the hallway. One downfall of hardwood everywhere is it feels so cold in here. I am hoping some rugs and curtains will warm it up a bit.

4.) Were truer words ever spoken?

5.) Our next major project at the house is the exterior. While I would love for it to be the bathrooms, we feel that a little curb appeal would be appreciated by the neighbors. Along with landscaping, I would like to paint the brick. Im torn between these two color schemes but really leaning towards the second. 

Happy weekend!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday

How is this little girl 3 months old already? She has started really coming into her personality and it has been a blast watching her grow. I've been posting weekly pictures on Instagram (amybr123) and its such a fun way to see how much they change in that first year.  

We started a Whole30 in our house on January 2nd. After a few days of feeling groggy and miserable, I have turned the corner and I feel great. It has helped with my energy levels ten fold. Its just the detox I need after the craziest 6 months ever. Plus Harrison has eaten more vegetables in the last 2 days than he has in the last 2 months. win win. I'll update more on our experience as it progresses. 

One of my goals here recently is to get better behind the camera. Really for no reason but to have good pictures of the kids. I snapped a few Christmas pictures and I am really pleased with how they turned out. 

A new year. My main goal this year is to live in the present. On my phone less and on the floor playing with the kids more. 2015 is a year to make memories.